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Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

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Avoid wet or greasy hands. These disposable gloves are designed to withstand a large variety of fluids including motor oil grease petrol fuel organic solvents bleaches home detergents food products animal based fats - please note that all nitrile gloves are unsuitable for handling alcohols acetones solvents strong acids and fire or extreme heat.


These highly visible orange color disposable nitrile gloves will help you see your hands even in very dark conditions. Safe in low light conditions such as engine bays or car underbody work, working outside at dusk or dawn, under a house or in roof space, and in low-lit factories. This work glove is also latex free, powder free, and rubber free so you don’t have to worry about skin allergies


Through extensive product development we have found that our diamond patterned nitrile formula greatly increases the surface area of the glove and pulls moisture away for maximum dexterity in wet conditions. The snug fit will also make sure that you do not suffer from glove-slip, where the glove starts coming off the fingertips


Great for any work around the home or industrial use. Hold on to slippery tools such as sockets and spanners, oily car parts or food products. Wet items such as water pipes and moist garden tools with the best possible grip available on a nitrile disposable glove. Each pack contains 100 pieces at 8 Mil palm thickness


Even while using heavy chemicals such as petrols, and detergents such as bleach, our nitrile disposable gloves have been developed to stay intact for longer. Please refer to the product images for a full liquid proof list. While no disposable glove will stay intact forever, we aim to achieve the perfect balance of tare resistance while keeping the glove flexible and dexterous for your ultimate comfort. 

Wishing you the very best results on your project

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Key details on our Nitrile Gloves


  • Ultra tough & flexible
  • Super grippy
  • Allergy free
  • High tare resistance
  • Super visible for safety
  • Touchscreen capable


  • Pure nitrile formula
  • Dimpled surface
  • Latex & powder free
  • High visibility orange


Contents: 100 nitrile gloves per box
Box weight: 680g / 1.5lb
Box dimensions:
25cm x 12.5cm x 10.7cm
9.85" x 5" x 4.21"

See the features and benefits of our nitrile gloves in the video below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these gloves tear? How tough are they?

These are very tough nitrile gloves, designed to withstand heavy work. They are not cut proof however... All disposable gloves will tear after a time. If you need extra protection, consider double-gloving or purchase our cut-resistant gloves here.

Will these gloves handle chemicals?

Yes, they will handle most cleaning chemicals and weaker alkalines & acids, as well as oils, fuels, greases and other petroleum products. They will NOT handle acetone, ketones, alcohols, strong acids and strong alkalines.

Do you offer discounts to business customers?

We offer discounts to customers who purchase in bulk. Please contact us to discuss any discounts that may be available to your business.

How quickly can you ship my order?

As long as we are in stock, we will process and send your shipment immediately. Once the order is dispatched from our warehouses, U.S customers can expect delivery within 3-7 business days. Australian customers can expect similar delivery times, except for occasions when the stock needs to be shipped from a U.S. warehouse.

If you're after super-fast priority shipping, out products are also available on Amazon here.

Customer Reviews for our Nitrile Gloves

Quality gloves
Good quality gloves. Would buy again.
JMG - February 5, 2023

Very high quality

Excellent quality product. Handles rough work without breaking.
hound - August 4, 2022

Long lasting

Like how tough they are garage work
tim h - May 29, 2022

Will buy again

As far as disposable gloves go these last! 
Jason A. - June 14, 2022

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