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Razor Scraper - Set of 2

Razor Scraper - Set of 2

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Remove that mess – FAST

Hand and joint friendly, ergonomically designed razor blade scraper set used for many applications - delicate or heavy duty jobs. Made from high quality plastics which avoid scratching painted surfaces unlike metal bodied scrapers. Comes delivered and installed with metal blades and plastic blades.

Easy to use – NO FUSS

The contoured rubberized handle on our scraper tool is wider than on most scrapers, offering superior grip even during heavy use. Bonus storage blade slot holds several extra blades, so you won’t have to stop and search for more blades during a job. Also included are extra steel and plastic blades for your convenience. 


Great for household and heavy industry tasks alike; automotive projects or cleaning tasks like removing labels; stickers; paint; decals; adhesive; burnt food; gunk; grout; residue; caulk; bathroom sealant; wallpaper glue; and other materials; use the metal razor blades on a cooktop; glass surface; stainless steel panel or other heavy duty hard surfaces; use the plastic blades on more delicate surfaces where scratching is a concern such as painted items, wood or cardboard

Safe & Secure

Your safety is our priority; the rubber on our handles offers excellent grip; the angled handles are designed to eliminate wrist strain; the blades are triple-supported to reduce dangerous blade flex and stop the blades from flying off - as can happen with a cheaper tool - don't risk your safety; our handle also hides the blade away after use; no separate cap to place on or lose causing dangerous situations

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    Key details on our Razor Scraper


    • Get x2 razor scrapers in one box
    • BONUS metal and plastic blades included
    • Designed with your safety in mind
    • Won't scratch painted surfaces
    • Light and portable
    • Highly maneuverable
    • Inbuilt blade storage holder


    • Scratch-resistant plastic body
    • Rubberized grips
    • Convenient blade pouch
    • Retractable blade design
    • Suitable for plastic & metal razor blades


    Box contents:
    - 2x razor scrapers
    - Bonus metal blades
    - Bonus plastic blades
    Blades included;
    - Metal blades: 2 loaded, 5 spare
    - Plastic blades: 5 double sided
    Item weight: 38g / 1.35oz
    Item dimensions:
    11cm x 5cm x 2.5cm
    4.25" x 2" x 1"
    Packaged weight: 110g / 3.84oz
    Box dimensions:
    6cm x 4.5cm x 15.5cm
    2.25" x 1.75" x 6"

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I change the blades?

    Changing blades is very easy and can be done in seconds. Check out the videos provided above, as well as the instructions that will arrive with the razor scraper.

    What blades come with the scrapers?

    The razor scrapers will both arrive loaded with metal blades. In the package you will find an additional 5 metal blades, as well as 5 double-sided plastic blades (10 plastic blades total).

    Is this product safe?

    The razor scraper has been designed to be as safe as possible. We have incorporated a slide-away blade design, to avoid the blade being exposed when not in use. We have also incorporated a stow away pouch on the scraper handle so that you can keep extra blades with you, but stored out of the way while you work.


    • always take extra care when dealing with sharp tools
    • wear hand protection when possible
    • watch your surroundings

    Can this scraper handle tough work?

    Besides heavy-duty industrial scale tasks, such as stripping paint from walls or de-caulking entire bathrooms, this razor scraper will handle almost all scraping tasks that require the use of a razor blade. As a bonus, we have designed the handle to be as light, agile and ergonomically comfortable as possible, to avoid wrist strain and hand fatigue.

    Customer Reviews for our Razor Scraper

    Lightweight and has a compartment for blades
    I use this for scraping masking tape off machinery
    john w. gifford - February 27, 2023

    Works well

    Very useful to get stuck on food off my stove or paint off of mirrors. I'm sure this set will last me a long time. Good value for the price.
    caitlin a. - December 26, 2022

    Metal and plastic blades and two handles

    Great for using on various jobs which require plastic sometimes and metal blades also. This was I do not have to keep changing blades as it comes with two handles so can keep them separate uses.
    sumccarty - April 26, 2022

    Excellent product with one caveat
    This is extremely well designed and a bargain - two holders, 5 blades each of metal and plastic, storage in the holder, comfortable hand shape, in other words, almost everything. The one thing missing for those of us who have older scrapers and change blades by sliding the blade out, there is no information in the box how to change blades. I kept trying to slide the blade out and it looks like that is possible since only a small part of the blade seems to be stopping the sliding. I blamed it on the cheap price and plastic material. I wrote Erik and low and behold it is easier to change than the old sliding method. Erik has a video to show you how. He should put that information in the box so people don't throw it away which I was tempted to do.
    Advisedly - January 12, 2021

    Highly recommend!

    Bought this for our glass top stove and for other reasons around the house (dropped paint splattered, caulk, etc.) I couldn’t be anymore happier as the other ones i have tried kept scratching everything i have tried to scrap off. The extra blade holder comes in handy instead of searching for blades and instead of putting everything blades/scrapper up from children, it’s all in one item so it uses less space! Very satisfied!
    Katie - February 11, 2021

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