• Testimonial Cut Gloves 01 Horus Works

    Shawn, AZ

    Cut proof and super comfy. Very satisfied and will buy again.

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  • Testimonial Eraser Wheel 01 Horus Works

    Brett H., CA

    No paint damage, leaves little to no adhesive after vinyl decals removed.

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  • Testimonial Razor Scraper 01 Horus Works

    Katie M., TX

    I couldn’t be happier as the other ones i have tried kept scratching everything.

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  • Testimonial Nitrile Gloves 01 Horus Works

    Jason A., NJ

    As far as disposable gloves go these last!

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Horus Works Cut Proof Work Gloves

Stay Safe

Quality hand protection on any job. Cut Proof, High Grip, Flexible, Breathable. We'll help you get the job done safely with these gloves.

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Horus Works Razor Scraper

Scrape it Away

If you need some precision, or you're looking to clean a delicate area, this quality razor scraper may be what you're looking for. Perfect for soft and hard surfaces alike.

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Horus Works Eraser Wheel Small

Remove Decals & Stickers

Need to remove decals or sticky goo from your car, truck or boat? This decal remover eraser wheel with make that tricky task a breeze.

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Horus Works Nitrile Disposable Gloves

High-Viz Disposables

The ultimate nitrile gloves for mechanical, cleaning and house work. Tough hand protection, and ultra flexible. Take a look at why it's one of the best disposable gloves around...

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Horus Works Eraser Wheel Large

Remove Larger Decals

For the large jobs... this eraser wheel will cut through any size decal with ease. Turn a hard task into an easy afternoon with this decal remover.

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