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Eraser Wheel Decal Remover - Small

Eraser Wheel Decal Remover - Small

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Note: This is our eraser wheel for smaller jobs. A large eraser wheel is also available here.


Breaks down old decals and adhesive without damaging your paintwork. When creating our decal removers, we used the top rubber formula available. A sticker stands no chance against our eraser wheel.


Don't spend all weekend removing old decals. This wheel removes them fast with minimal elbow grease. Get the worst sun-baked decals and adhesive glue off and quickly - no dangerous solvents, razor blades, or grinders required. The kit comes with all the parts needed to get the job done. 


Safe on all painted or hard surfaces that have a protective coating - including painted fiberglass, bumpers, and auto body panels. Our vinyl remover will remove adhesive tape, stickers, decals, and vinyl wrap from your cars, boats, RV, bike, trailer, home or office windows.
Note: NOT for use on raw paint, raw plastic or raw aluminium.


Comes highly recommended by returning customers, including industry professionals. Suitable for many applications including marine, automotive, home improvement and cleaning. It makes a very good windshield cleaner too. Be it a business decal on a Chevy truck, a go-fast stripe on a Porsche bumper, or an old RV or boat sticker, this vinyl decal remover is the perfect rapid solution.

Worried about damaging your surface?
Try the wheel in an out of the way area first.


Show us!... Your projects are our inspiration, and we love to see our products put to good use. Send us a before and after of your project for a chance to get featured on our website.

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    More Details on the Small Eraser Wheel:


    • Will work on virtually all decals
    • Fast acting so you can finish fast
    • Will protect your auto body paint
    • Large enough for several small tasks
    • Storable and reusable


    • Non-abrasive rubber formula
    • Connects to any drill
    • Safe up to 4000rpm
    • Embossed stop safety line


    1 eraser wheel
    1 arbor attachment
    Wheel diameter: 9cm / 3.5"
    Box weight:
    215g / 7.5oz
    Box dimensions:
    10cm x 10cm x 4cm
    3.86" x 3.86" x 1.65"

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there any difference between the Small and Large Eraser Wheel?

    There is NO difference between our small and large eraser wheel other than the size. Both are made of the same high-quality rubber compound, and will perform equally well.

    How can I be sure that this product won't damage my paint or surface?

    Our wheel is specifically designed to remove decals from surfaces such as:

    • auto body panels
    • glass
    • chrome
    • clear coated surfaces
    • hardened surfaces, such as powder coating

    This is a product regularly used by professionals in the auto body repair and vehicle detailing industries.

    If you're unsure about the integrity of your surface, please try the wheel in an out of sight area first - such as under a car door, or in a hidden away compartment.

    What surfaces CAN'T the wheel be used on?

    We do not recommend using the wheel on:

    • raw plastic that has no protection or clear coat applied
    • wood or timber surfaces
    • fiberglass that has no clear coat applied
    • raw aluminium

    If unsure, please try the wheel in an out of sight area first.

    How long will the eraser wheel last?

    Please check the images section at the top of the page, for a diagram showing the number of wheels you may need. Generally speaking, you could clean the hood or the door of a pickup truck with one small eraser wheel. For any jobs larger than that, please consider our large eraser wheel. We recommend all professionals purchase our large eraser wheel.

    There is a film of rubber left over on my surface, after using the wheel?

    The rubber wheel may leave a fine film behind after use, as can be seen in our video - this is totally normal. Simply use a light detergent with a soft wipe to clean away the film. If some marks persist, use a light rubbing compound, such as a car polish, to remove any final marks.

    How do I store the eraser wheel after use?

    If you have some of the decal remover left, it is recommended that the wheel is wrapped in plastic, or stored in a closed plastic bag. This will stop the rubber from drying out, making sure that the next time you need it, it will perform at it's best.

    Do you offer discounts to business customers?

    We offer discounts to customers who purchase in bulk. Please contact us to discuss any discounts that may be available to your business.

    How quickly can you ship my order?

    As long as we are in stock, we will process and send your shipment immediately. Once the order is dispatched from our warehouses, U.S customers can expect delivery within 3-7 business days. Australian customers can expect similar delivery times, except for occasions when the stock needs to be shipped from a U.S. warehouse.

    If you're after super-fast priority shipping, out products are also available on Amazon here.

    Customer Reviews for our Small Eraser Wheel

    Removes striping easily
    I utilized this wheel to remove old damaged striping on my RV. It works amazingly well at removing them, pretty much like using a gum eraser to remove pencil marks. You do need to watch the video which is shown on a card in the box with the wheel. The presenter does a good job of showing the technique of using the wheel. The wheel lasts longer than I had thought it was going to, so I was able to remove more than I had figured. The wheel does not damage the painted surface underneath the decal or striping, no scratching, or other damage at all. Be aware that if the paint has faded, it may not be as faded under the decal. My surface was a light white, so the only difference was in the gloss of the surface. A little wax or maybe buffing compound will take care of that.
    I highly recommend this if you need to remove old decals or pin striping.
    Gary - June 1, 2023

    Quick, easy, thorough

    This clever little decal eraser is simple to use. It's delivered with an arbor, chucks into a power drill, and is ready to go. I tested it on a badly weathered decal on the rear window of my old Subaru, and it worked like a charm (photos). It's produces the same sort of rubbery dust as a big pencil eraser, but with the dust wiped away and a quick Windex spray, no one would be able to tell there had ever been a decal there. Like a pencil eraser it shows wear with each use, but should last me on my few vehicles a very long time.

    HRP - May 19, 2023

    It Works!

    This product does work, and it is safer than using a razor that will definitely scratch your paint. This product did not scratch my painted surface. I recommend you take time to watch the instructional video. The URL is on the enclosed card that is in the shape of a stop sign.

    I tested this product on a decal that was on a threshold of a door we had installed a few years ago. I remember trying to get that off when we got the door installed. I think I was able to peel off the top layer but there was a clear plastic bottom layer left that was not cooperating. I have been meaning to work on it again, but it has been about three years. Then I saw this and thought I would give it a try. The eraser wheel took off most of it but left a thin line of adhesive on one edge. The adhesive was really hardened so I don’t know if you will encounter that same issue. I am happy with the results. I just scratched off the remaining adhesive.

    One negative: The video tells you to tighten the arbor with a pair of pliers. I did that but the wheel would always spin off when I stopped the drill. My drill does come to an abrupt stop so maybe that has something to do with that issue. But maybe I can use some lock tight on the arbor to secure it. Since this appears to be a design issue, I’m deducting a star. It would be better if there was just a solid post, so you didn’t need to screw on something. However, I do like this product overall.
    Ed N - May 19, 2023

    Easy to use

    Easy to use and setup, comes with a video link that give you better instructions for use. Removes stickers and pin striping easily, have to finish up with some buffing in some cases.
    pvernon921 - May 17, 2023

    Worked to remove pinstriping
    I didn't had any large decals to remove but it worked well removing pinstriping. It takes a bit to get the hand of it and get the drill speed right, but it works well.

    Amazon Customer - May 20, 2023

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