Customer Reviews for our Small Eraser Wheel

Removes striping easily
I utilized this wheel to remove old damaged striping on my RV. It works amazingly well at removing them, pretty much like using a gum eraser to remove pencil marks. You do need to watch the video which is shown on a card in the box with the wheel. The presenter does a good job of showing the technique of using the wheel. The wheel lasts longer than I had thought it was going to, so I was able to remove more than I had figured. The wheel does not damage the painted surface underneath the decal or striping, no scratching, or other damage at all. Be aware that if the paint has faded, it may not be as faded under the decal. My surface was a light white, so the only difference was in the gloss of the surface. A little wax or maybe buffing compound will take care of that.
I highly recommend this if you need to remove old decals or pin striping.
Gary - June 1, 2023

Quick, easy, thorough

This clever little decal eraser is simple to use. It's delivered with an arbor, chucks into a power drill, and is ready to go. I tested it on a badly weathered decal on the rear window of my old Subaru, and it worked like a charm (photos). It's produces the same sort of rubbery dust as a big pencil eraser, but with the dust wiped away and a quick Windex spray, no one would be able to tell there had ever been a decal there. Like a pencil eraser it shows wear with each use, but should last me on my few vehicles a very long time.

HRP - May 19, 2023

It Works!

This product does work, and it is safer than using a razor that will definitely scratch your paint. This product did not scratch my painted surface. I recommend you take time to watch the instructional video. The URL is on the enclosed card that is in the shape of a stop sign.

I tested this product on a decal that was on a threshold of a door we had installed a few years ago. I remember trying to get that off when we got the door installed. I think I was able to peel off the top layer but there was a clear plastic bottom layer left that was not cooperating. I have been meaning to work on it again, but it has been about three years. Then I saw this and thought I would give it a try. The eraser wheel took off most of it but left a thin line of adhesive on one edge. The adhesive was really hardened so I don’t know if you will encounter that same issue. I am happy with the results. I just scratched off the remaining adhesive.

One negative: The video tells you to tighten the arbor with a pair of pliers. I did that but the wheel would always spin off when I stopped the drill. My drill does come to an abrupt stop so maybe that has something to do with that issue. But maybe I can use some lock tight on the arbor to secure it. Since this appears to be a design issue, I’m deducting a star. It would be better if there was just a solid post, so you didn’t need to screw on something. However, I do like this product overall.
Ed N - May 19, 2023

Easy to use

Easy to use and setup, comes with a video link that give you better instructions for use. Removes stickers and pin striping easily, have to finish up with some buffing in some cases.
pvernon921 - May 17, 2023

Worked to remove pinstriping
I didn't had any large decals to remove but it worked well removing pinstriping. It takes a bit to get the hand of it and get the drill speed right, but it works well.

Amazon Customer - May 20, 2023