Customer Reviews for our Razor Scraper

Lightweight and has a compartment for blades
I use this for scraping masking tape off machinery
john w. gifford - February 27, 2023

Works well

Very useful to get stuck on food off my stove or paint off of mirrors. I'm sure this set will last me a long time. Good value for the price.
caitlin a. - December 26, 2022

Metal and plastic blades and two handles

Great for using on various jobs which require plastic sometimes and metal blades also. This was I do not have to keep changing blades as it comes with two handles so can keep them separate uses.
sumccarty - April 26, 2022

Excellent product with one caveat
This is extremely well designed and a bargain - two holders, 5 blades each of metal and plastic, storage in the holder, comfortable hand shape, in other words, almost everything. The one thing missing for those of us who have older scrapers and change blades by sliding the blade out, there is no information in the box how to change blades. I kept trying to slide the blade out and it looks like that is possible since only a small part of the blade seems to be stopping the sliding. I blamed it on the cheap price and plastic material. I wrote Erik and low and behold it is easier to change than the old sliding method. Erik has a video to show you how. He should put that information in the box so people don't throw it away which I was tempted to do.
Advisedly - January 12, 2021

Highly recommend!

Bought this for our glass top stove and for other reasons around the house (dropped paint splattered, caulk, etc.) I couldn’t be anymore happier as the other ones i have tried kept scratching everything i have tried to scrap off. The extra blade holder comes in handy instead of searching for blades and instead of putting everything blades/scrapper up from children, it’s all in one item so it uses less space! Very satisfied!
Katie - February 11, 2021