Customer Reviews for our Cut Resistant Work Gloves

Great product at a decent price.
I'm a mechanic and don't usually wear gloves cos I find them restrictive - but I had to get a pair for a job that risked cutting up my hands. I took a gamble on these and boy am I glad I did! These are thin and flexible enough to let you move freely but are still cut proof. I finished the job and had ZERO cuts. So I kept them and use them to this day. They are looking a bit worse for wear now, the grippy nitrile coating is coming off slowly - but the company freely admits they aren't supposed to last forever. I'll be ordering again. This time a 3 pack.

Adam T - March 27, 2023

Happy Wife - Happy Life! 👍

I bought these for my wife. Her hands were taking a beating out in the cold shop this winter. She boxes up the rollers we ship to the customers and occasionally needs to clean up with a really harsh chemical. Now her fingers aren't getting cut by the cardboard boxes or dried out by the MEK. That was the ultimate test, whether these gloves could hold up and not melt when she used MEK.

After a week of using them she is super happy. She loves that they are red and says they fit like a glove every time she puts them on. Like I said, Happy Wife - Happy Life. 😂
Adrian - January 12, 2023

Really good gloves

I'm glad I bought these. I work with lumber a lot, and these gloves give me very good grip and stop me from cutting up my hands. They arent made to last forever but I found this to be a good thing. They will go for several months, and when they are starting to look a bit tired I know to put a new pair on. I like how the nitrile coating conforms to my palm - it makes the gloves fit really well.
walt - April 12, 2022