Customer Reviews for our Large Eraser Wheel

No paint damage, leaves little to no adhesive after vinyl decals removed.
The whole of my vehicle had vinyl decals, very difficult and time consuming to get them off , until I simply fitted this product to my cordless drill. What had taken days, took hours. No damage to the underlying paint and I still have a lot of the disc left. Great simple solution to safely remove decals.

NO to Racism - November 2, 2022


Wheel worked great after nothing else would.

I used this eraser for glue adhesive that was left behind from removing a clear vehicle bra on my trucks hood. I tried the goo gone and a credit card trick for 2 hours and it barely put a dent in the adhesive. This wheel removed all the glue in 30 minutes, taking my time as to not put too much pressure along with not having too much rpm speed on my drill. I tried a battery powered drill at first but realized very quickly it was not going to last on my size project. A corded drill did the job perfectly since I was dealing with a 2 foot up my hood by all the way across big section.

I tried the wheel on my painted plastic bumper and pushed too hard and a small bit of paint did come off so be careful when using on plastic. As for my metal hood that had a clear bra on it for over 10 years, it worked great and I would recommend this wheel to anybody with a similar job.

Amazon Customer - October 9, 2020


Perfect to de badge cars! Hands down this product gets the job done. Put it on a drill, lowest setting and go to work. I did it like 4 times over the glue of the badges in my car and they came off without a scratch. I did take my time and did it carefully just in case. But that’s how I do things in my car I do take my time and I’m very careful. Anyway, i do recommend this product for anyway trying to de badge vehicles or anything else. One thing though, make sure you have a drill that screws open to insert the adapter and then close tightly. It doesn’t work with impact drivers like Milwaukee M12 Impact driver. It falls off. I really wish they included an adapter for those tools.

Manuel E Ramos - August 3, 2021

Best Product!

I bought a bus to convert to an RV, and one of the first things I did was try to remove all the petrified vinyl. Unfortunately, twenty-two years of sun pretty much sealed the vinyl to the fiberglass underneath. Nothing would budge it.

I purchased the Horus Wheel Eraser, and everything changed!

The Horus Eraser grabbed the vinyl and began removing it from the fiberglass! It was awesome!! And it didn't take a whole lot of effort, which was good because I have fairly severe rheumatoid arthritis in both of my hands. I highly recommend the Horus Wheel Eraser, and will use it again!
Musicmom - October 5, 2020

Fantastic Product
The product was fantastic. It took no time at all to remove the lettering and decal and left the paint unharmed. I would highly recommend!
Francis McCusker - February 16, 2022