About Us

We grew out of a love for what we do...

...and at Horus Works, that's the car scene - the love of cars and the people around them. Being around cars and working with the people who enjoy cars, has given Horus Works a great sense of pride in our work and a keen eye for quality.

After all, as car guys we want our rides to reflect our passion, and so the best is what we strive for. 

This passion for excellence has led to developing work products that are very high in quality and are affordable in price. All of our work tools and products are developed over months, sometimes years, and we always test our products on our own projects first. And you can be sure that we would only use the best products on our own projects. 

Therefore, if it's for sale at Horus Works, you can be sure that we've tried it ourselves and that it's good quality. 

So whether you're on a work site, or at home in your kitchen or garage - if you've chosen Horus Works, you can be certain that that you're choosing a quality product.